Gabriel NeffkeGabriel Neffke

The court is biased

Each man for his own sake

Seeks the golden egg

And freedom from criticism

To live as he pleases


He raises his boot

A treaded gavel

To mold those who dare

Stumble beneath him

He must prove himself

Again and again

Lest he find himself

Fitted into the rubber

Of another man’s heel


His grip unbuckles

Knowing the expense

Of what he holds and the others

Starving to gift his luxury

When they want nothing

But a loaf of bread and the latitude

To nurse their creations


He lives with an ache

And a false family

Progress having taken

His heart in collateral

The means his happiness

How is one meant to survive

When society promotes

Criminals and crushes saints?

Perhaps he thinks

I should change

But coping numbs him


I managed to write despite the pain. I decided to strip down and write plainly. The image is a preview!