Elena Gallotta

My heart by the hour divides

An embryonic fugitive

Undulating in amniotic tides

There’s no label more definitive

Than the blood underneath my nails

The struggle for survival

Or just affirmation belittles daily

I never wanted to be

One of those worth-less girls

Knees to the pavement begging

To be freed my existence

But here I am just the same



27 responses to “Vitellus

    • Thank you Michael at the moment a new body would be welcome. Intense physical pain pinched nerves down my entire right side from the wrist to ankle and all the bits between and some subluxations in the thoracic spine that are making my nauseous. I am having a very hard time writing in all senses

      • Oh dear Yves I am so sorry to hear you are not well. I hope you do manage to come god or better even very soon. My thoughts are with you.

      • Thank you I just can’t imagine what I have done to myself It started in the wrist and the shoulder (my shoulder is common because I have nerve impingement syndrome and obviously pinched nerves in shoulder cause problems with the arm and hand as well) but my ankle knee and hip as well this morning painkillers don’t help pinched nerves either

  1. quite a lot of emotion bottled up in this one…how we never set out to be a certain way but find ourselves there….but survival, hey you have to give props for that…some days that is the best we got…

  2. I often wonder if the lack of pain, suffering and unhappiness keeps someone’s mind from fully developing such insight and creativity. It seems the best poems are created under pain and suffering by many people. I wish you relief from pain.

    • Thank you so much Hector some of the greatest writers and artists have suffered immensely so I definitely can see the association. I certainly don’t see myself as great or anything but powerful emotions provide a rewarding muse

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