Brian Despain

I swallow your pain

In the cradle of my smile

Stay with me always

Or at least until my blood

Is wholly dissipated


I am a very abstract person even in my everyday life. Whenever anyone asks me to recount an event or experience they are faced with an incompressible string of adjectives and emotions. Just today I was playing Mario Kart with Isadora and I simply do not have the attention span to complete a race I forget what I am doing, which car I am driving, I get absorbed totally in the animations, in her constant chatter, in my thoughts, in the pain in my hands, in about a million other sensations/reflections besides. It’s not that the game is too easy for me (it’s not I am horrendously uncoordinated) and it’s not that it isn’t fun I just don’t have a way to filter stimuli effectively. That’s why I can’t drive actual cars haha That’s also why this challenge is a challenge for me!

So what’s the poem about?

Supporting loved ones

Why the odd picture?

It is closer to how I see the world