For hours we lie

In a cramped room


Each others secrets

Thoughts made senseless

By a fevered delivery

Endless in the pursuit

Of truth


You picked up

Your mask

With your coat

Hung it casually

Like a half moon

Over your darkened face

And closed the door

I knew that I would

Never see you again

Not the you

Whose hands I’d held


My naked heart


I drank the wine

That you left

Turned the sheets down

And read for hours

The words muted

By your abiding presence

I fell asleep

Wrestling the sun,

For your

Unabridged memory


I have seen

Your face

In the promise

Of strangers

And sometimes

In passing.

You wear apology

Greetings eclipsed

By anxiety

Smiles diffuse

The distance between us

Extending for miles


I long for

Confined spaces

For words burdened

With emergency

For eyes

Burning beneath

Lowered lashes

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8 thoughts on “Confined

  1. two parts really got me…them putting back on the mask and realizing you would never see that part of them again….and then seeing them in those you pass….

  2. It is amazing how close you can be to someone and then they just close off. It’s baffling. I think they get scared.

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