2 Small Poems (Jig, New)

beautiful-nightmares-goldenfish,1366x768,63412Nicoletta Ceccoli


Whatever your words they ensnare

As a worm flexing on a arched talon

Whenever I approach the hunger

Perforates my palate and all my words

Minced together with blood

Sound to my own ears like paper

The expense of your flesh is too high

And I shall not be fooled again

By your histrionic jig or any

Of the asthmatic songs

In accompaniment


Your smile settles as a paring knife

Into my ash-white heart carving out

Such delicate slivers

That if I did not know better

I’d think myself again a child

For the pain is so articulate

That one of us must be new



15 responses to “2 Small Poems (Jig, New)

  1. ha. i like the last one best….the delicate paring of the heart…i dont see it as a bad thing…i think it is falling in love that it is speaking of, to me…the first def has more grit….

  2. Hi Yves, These are certainly two sparkly pieces. I particularly admired the image of the worm flexing on the talon and also the notion that pain can be so articulate that: “one of us must be new” This is acute and incandescent work, which is very pleasing to read. Look forward to more… With Best Wishes Scott http://www.scotthastie.com

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