No Avail



Pier Toffoletti


Your tongue fits me like a muzzle

Navel to the stars I wait for your hands

To dismiss me as if I were sterile

And incapable of transmission

I don’t think you’ve ever loved anyone

And I wonder if I ever could again

I may well have given everything

And you’ve crushed each piece

Fed it into your heart as if a hearse

And buried it miles down

That I should never rise again


Your wooden smile, a silent sentry,

Admits so little and favors no one

I circle your head as a vulture

Tracking your dead sinister eyes

Thinking how much better

You’d look without them

How much kinder

For they stand between us now

A barbed-wire fence

I tuck my shredded soul

Into a diary that reeks

Violently of human flesh

Ashamed of the madness

That summons you

Again and again to no avail




21 responses to “No Avail

  1. Yours was a powerful poem.

    it started again
    she felt herself
    begin to disappear
    it always began a the bottom
    and worked its way up
    she recognized the tingling
    the bits of sparkle that fluttered around her
    like lightening bugs dancing in circles
    she wasn’t afraid
    she had disappeared many times
    the only thing was
    she never knew why

  2. As you know I love paintings, and so I love this image. The poem is very dark and powerful. I can always tell when a poem is well written if I can see the images in my mind while I am reading.

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