Wordle #14 Chrysanthemums

Wordle 14

She crushes men as chrysanthemums
The scent of phantom tears choking
The air like a brontide, the growl
Twinkling between her illegitimate ribs
An omen incomprehensible in expense

She sips red tea, her red lips quivering
Like a mawkish string
She was such a beautiful child
Given to palaver and dance
Detested for her genetic gifts
By those who bestowed them most all

She is aberrant only from want of affection
She grazes on uncooked nettles
On pawns with their pink palms pinioned
She cannot arrest her cruelty
She cannot fathom the human forge
The incessant hammering of her heart
Against fine white china

Love that inures and fails always to last
The unbitten pear hard and acerbic
She hangs by the crook of her knees
Knowing that she too shall rot
It is unseasonably cold so I don’t think we’ll go swimming. I am wearing a jacket indoors haha On a more pleasant note they have an outdoor cat, I didn’t think we’d see her much but she is very snuggly and has spent most of the day with me she doesn’t care so much about my writing though  that interfers with the neck scratches haha

16 responses to “Wordle #14 Chrysanthemums

  1. You writing is always amusing that gives your readers a chance to learn so much from it.
    I agree this piece is unseasonably cold but that’s what is required here in this hot indian summer. 😉

  2. wow, great opening and closing lines….what a character sketch you created in this…you hooked me early….

    ha, smiling at the cat too…sounds like my cat…always wondering why he is not the center of attention…lol…stay warm…

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  4. I’ve sometimes wished I was the sort of woman who could crush men’s hearts like chrysanthemums. However, I’ve always been the one to get my heart plucked like a daisy.

  5. An interesting portrait Yves, makes one reflect on the more difficult aspects of some “bullys”. Brilliant and sensative write which I enjoyed very much.

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