longWalkDetailsTom Bagshaw

When I was a child

My eyes saw only

That which my heart

Could freely replicate

A truth tenaciously insular

In each wound divinity

Every soul amendable

Salt fell freely

In the excavation

Of pearls

Even when downtrodden

Hope gathered unseen


When I was an adolescent

I thought myself an expert

On human nature

I knew the misgivings of saints

The black mask of the hero

Who craves blood and nepenthe

In equivalent measure

I paraded myself as a sage

Eyes a platform

For causes unknown


As a woman I lose at times

My confidence in humanity

I find conspiracies burgeoning

From the most inane protests

There’s too much death within

A stars ejaculate for my dreams

To ignite on wishes alone

And I resent most of all

My profound cowardice


Today I found it very challenging to write



29 thoughts on “PHOTO CHALLENGE #13 “THREE”

  1. A good write even thought you found it a challenge … I think we all have days when it’s a challenge to write, and of course I’m saying this because I am on the save wave-length right now … radio muse mush.

      1. I know what you mean, really … it’s like trying to pull teeth getting something written. Still, this too will pass and you did write a lovely poem.

  2. really a great approach on the prompt….i like how you have given each frame a perspective in its own stanza….and create a rather ‘ages or man’ piece….very cool…

      1. Aw, I know how that feels, so I can empathise. I’ve been blocked up for nearly six months with my little webcomic, but I feel like the dam might burst very soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, Yves.

      2. I love your web comic Tony and check regularly to see if you’ve posted anything new, you let me know as soon as that dam breaks =) Thank you! I am really struggling with wording I am just an incoherent mess at the moment

      1. Thanks — when I first saw the pictures, I thought of mug shots! (Don’t ask me why — guess I watch too many cop shows!). And it seemed time to write scifi.

  3. Oops, I was commenting on the prompt, not on your poem above. I like the way stages of life build upon each other creating a story of a growing up seen from both the childhood, etc. perspective and the adult’s reflecting. Excellent poem.
    And you met the challenge of writing it.

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