Wordle #13 “Alkaline”



Your tears do not vitiate

These dusty sentiments

Paint my veins malachite

Nothing diffuses blame

As apology and you know

Better than most my triggers

These sweat-hardened chimneys

These bitter black lungs

That exhume in every kiss

Another eviscerating taboo

(Even intentions are guilty)


We are the constructs

Of a patriarchal animus

A waspish faith that speaks

Of butchery and vibration

Insomnia saves every hour

Until dawn that I should

Have time enough to repent


All that I am strains and sags

Under the criminality that you

Have assumed evident in me

Even if I stand here stripped

From pubis to sternum

You always find a reason to hate


It’s not what you have done

It’s where you are going

Believe as I tell you

And with enough force

This piece/peace will fit




15 responses to “Wordle #13 “Alkaline”

  1. A pissed-off woman and poet confronts the indoctrinating thought-police in enlightened rebuttal and perspicuous prophesy. Brilliant work.

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