Prompt 60 The Rolling Stones




Such lovely canines,

These roses which tug

So earnestly at my flesh

As I stoop to enslave them.

There is nothing quite

So demonizing

As the will to survive

It supersedes all reason

And accompanies so poorly

Any notions of heaven.

Here I am a woman

Who possesses far more

Than can be expended

(Love being of course infinite)

And even amongst flowers

I observe malice, albeit

A malice more reasonable

Than my own


I was inspired by The Rolling Stones “Mother’s Little Helper” obviously my poem doesn’t have at all the same vibe but it is about perpetual discontent something I have been thinking about a lot lately.


20 responses to “Prompt 60 The Rolling Stones

  1. Those roses as canines produce an interesting image to contribute to the malice that you portray later on. An enjoyable read. 🙂 And I hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Perpetual discontent sound very not good.. I hope you overcome this… For your happiness.

    • The theme perpetual discontent comes from the song and also from an anime I am watching. I wouldn’t say that I felt discontented all the time but I do have PTSD which has some negative symptoms causing me to feel disconnected and disassociated

      • Someday enlighten us to what caused your PTSD… Have compassion on your suffering.

      • I do talk about it a lot in my work. My dad is a psychopath (in the literal sense not in the drama enhancing sense, he spent his youth in jail for setting a man on fire to watch him burn) and he sexual and mentally abused me. He physically, sexually, and psychologically abused my mother. My mother in turn physically and psychologically abused me. When my parents separated and my mom married a much nicer man her behavior began to improve (she has Bipolar though and my grandmother who also lived with us also and so it wouldn’t be correct to say things were ever peaceful). I had to go every other weekend to my dad’s alone though and aside from the above my dad is also an alcoholic who suffers from intense paranoia. A lot of the people in my family are mentally ill and very volatile. My childhood was a pretty dark scary place to be honest. Growing up I never told a soul what was happening I never even confided in friends because I knew a good friend would tell. So now I have a hard time processing and talking about my emotions. I am constantly in a survival haze. I can feel pain again as a kid I somehow switched that off. I might have my hand on the stove burner and not notice. Recently I discovered blisters on my leg from my laptop because it had actually burnt me from overheating! I still don’t feel hot like I should but most of the other stuff probably has to do with cigarette burns as a child or something.

  3. Knowing you as I do Yves i can understand the thoughts you express about yourself through this song. Its actually beautifully written. Good to hear things are improving for you.

  4. she tended her garden
    with love and patience
    she sang to the flowers
    as she touched their petals
    she told them they were beautiful
    more beautiful than anything she had ever seen
    she watered them with gentleness
    and smiled as she did so
    she danced among them
    and the flowers
    basking in her passion
    grew around her
    clothing her in a skirt of blood red petals
    so that she could share in the beauty
    that she saw in them

  5. I am so sorry you lived I such a hell as a child. No one, especially a child should ever feel the things you have. I hope your life is full of blessings and you have the people/help in your life that you need to heal. And your post was beautiful, by the way. 🙂

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