Wordle #12



My vertiginous heart breaks

In excess of mooring

Too many misapplied wisps

Too many brass-locked crates

Of parchment-only ambitions


I shall not unburden my genius

My laconic eyes still beseech

An infinitesimal oddity

A fleck of gold amongst ruin

In what way am I original?

By which of my uncommon features

Am I deemed exquisite?

Through which peephole

Might I overtake Parnassus?


Where in discontent exists serendipity?

I’ve a clapboard husk susceptible

To the pangs of storm

Sheltered only from joy

In sorrow I do not withstand


Such an indiscriminate fear

Life constitutes everything

And I knowing nothing

Stand sentry against insight


Today I move only

As the wind blows

Today I am the west

And the sun in absolution

Today I walk in terror

Without gloves or hooves


Insulation cares not my preference

And I must expose at once my mistake

I must be as apology dictates

A conscious being

Forgive me my penchant

For lilacs and repression

Forgive me my flintless smile

But most all forgive me

This impervious dusk

In which I tirelessly fuse


My schedule has been insane lately and I apologize for my absence