I can feel your menace

Raping away

The solitary scraps

Of my dignity

Each night descends

As the one before

With a raising

Of voices

As if within

A pack of wolves

Were beset

By a savage moon


My dreams

Have become unbearable

An albatross atop

A kyphotic architecture

My heart

Has grown pendulous

Slicing its way through

A rotten foundation

I am overrun

With the ghosts

Of our collective pasts

I have forgotten laughter

Both the means of

Acquisition and adornment


How many times

Must I rebuild

Before the ground beneath

Gives way entirely

And the walls fail

To numb the weather

I do not feel safe

In this annex of discontent

Alone in crowded

Claustrophobic rooms

Broken down



Will my words

Ever penetrate

Your spirit

Or will they fall away


Whispers in shadow

Will I ever

Make a home

Of the wreckage


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