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It is my husband’s birthday XD



You are the black moon calling

The impendence of night

Darkness uncompromising

I have seen your blood-torn rage

The way it desecrates

The holiness within


You were a man once

But longing has left

You derelict

Fastened by grief

I have seen her eyes

Reflected in your hysteria


You hold me

In the place of love

And beneath you

I am unmade

Recast in her image

But never the same

Barely even a reprieve

In your malaise


We will never be wed

Except through pain

Every night

I catch you

At the window

Haunted by what if


She waits

In your shadow

Seeking forgiveness

Yet you do not absolve

No matter the casualties

I know that

She will remain

Between worlds


And I, in her semblance

Mortally bound


We suffer the avarice

Of your half lives

Draped in shadows

I know that you will

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