Be Gone

image-21-fullTomoki Hayasaka


Your cotton candy heart

Comes out in clumps

Like a cloud curdled by the plight

Of a corpulent sun

Your fetid sweetness

No longer evokes the need

For synthesis

I shall not waver in the shadow

Of a fugitive storm


We were once fraught

With paraphernalia

Diffuse and shambolic

Our veins inseparable

Our scribbles hyperphagic

As if each square of paper

Were equipped

With its own confessional

I wanted that which you alone

Could govern, the abyss


I do not come to you now

Henna-laced and merciful

I do not come at all

Nor favor this coincidence

Be gone death I shall not drink again

The endless decanter of sleep

Be gone death I shall not return

To my posthumous habituations

I have felt at last the grace of love

And have now a cause to fight

When next we meet

It will not be by my hands

For I favor too much this life


The picture is actually the photo for the prompt on Tuesday so you get a preview this time because I liked it so much I had to write haha I haven’t had a single moment of quiet for a while now (Isadora has been home for a holiday and is nagging me incessantly lately) and my writing has suffered I got a small amount of time this morning so hopefully a little improvement.




21 responses to “Be Gone

  1. I thought this was excellent Yves, you started so powerfully, I felt for those cotton candy hearts, what chance do they have? I did have a smile at your revelation of Isadora ‘nagging’ you…lol….my children made it an art form…..

  2. Oh I’m glad you’re going to use that image as a prompt. I was thinking how much I liked that picture! And I really loved the ending to your poem. It’s nice to read someone fighting against death.

  3. really creative use of words and imagery…the cotton candy heart coming out in clumps…vivid…the shadow of a fugitive storm is another…and it is just like love to give us the strength to fight on…smiles…

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