Be Gone

image-21-fullTomoki Hayasaka


Your cotton candy heart

Comes out in clumps

Like a cloud curdled by the plight

Of a corpulent sun

Your fetid sweetness

No longer evokes the need

For synthesis

I shall not waver in the shadow

Of a fugitive storm


We were once fraught

With paraphernalia

Diffuse and shambolic

Our veins inseparable

Our scribbles hyperphagic

As if each square of paper

Were equipped

With its own confessional

I wanted that which you alone

Could govern, the abyss


I do not come to you now

Henna-laced and merciful

I do not come at all

Nor favor this coincidence

Be gone death I shall not drink again

The endless decanter of sleep

Be gone death I shall not return

To my posthumous habituations

I have felt at last the grace of love

And have now a cause to fight

When next we meet

It will not be by my hands

For I favor too much this life


The picture is actually the photo for the prompt on Tuesday so you get a preview this time because I liked it so much I had to write haha I haven’t had a single moment of quiet for a while now (Isadora has been home for a holiday and is nagging me incessantly lately) and my writing has suffered I got a small amount of time this morning so hopefully a little improvement.