Poison Haiku

I have a therapy appt. today and a number of errands so forgive me if I am not around. Also iI believe we’ve exceeded my internet because it is super slow




Belladonna strings

Delirium like a noose

Wicked blueberries


A true courtesan

Her beautiful mouth prostrates

On inclination


Discarded in love

I drink that I might sleep and

In sleeping forget

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10 responses to “Poison Haiku

  1. ah that sleep might help us forget
    some nice turns in these….

    i think i could eat my way out of a blueberry noose…ha….smiles.

    hope all goes well today

    • I have no idea really. We have some type of monthly plan and sometimes the end of the months rolls around and our internet slows way down. We aren’t disconnected generally but the speed is so slow, it is taking about 6 minutes for each page I visit to load. By the beginning of the month it should be back to normal. My husband has explained this but I am afraid it went over my head

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