Kingdom of Dust


the_surreal_arts@Deviant Arts

Very rarely do I exceed the momentum

Of my meticulous morning routine

Noon finds me gluttonous and unwieldy

Night haggard and indistinct

So uncompromising the clock

For she spares not a single second.

Who shall serve my successor

When my kingdom of dust

Has found it reasonable to pass?

Will there even exist a niche to fill?

Or have I been too stingy to imprint?



21 responses to “Kingdom of Dust

  1. Good question. Maybe, given what restraint it takes to hold on, it’s better not to know who–not if–who sees and uses our pattern.

  2. I can so relate to this, I start off pretty energetic in the morning, by lunchtime its fading and by evening it’s ‘who cares?’ LOL, great poem!! 🙂 🙂

  3. solid piece…love the tone of this…and it sings as well…the opening line has hook…and the clock not sparing a second in contrast to you…its cool

  4. There’s a very ethereal feel to this that I find sort of soothing. Great write, as always!

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