Shadorma Photo Prompt #9


What I feared

Never came to pass

The mirror

Did not crack

In reprisal of my gaze

I am forgiven


This piece is quite personal and I am not certain it translates outside of my head space

So here I have written a super simple poem to clarify


When I was young

I felt myself a monster

So I saw myself

Through a monster’s eyes

As a woman

I have found the child

And through forgiveness

Discovered within

A unique and indomitable beauty


29 responses to “Shadorma Photo Prompt #9

  1. the first…makes me think of how we are told how ugly we are…or such…and then we find out the truth of ourselves outside of what others say and think…and the forgiveness and freedom found in that…

  2. I was so touched by this poem. How many of us are wounded by someone’s words when we are young and feel that we are “ugly” in some way because of it? One of my favorite stories as a child was the ugly duckling, how alone he felt only to grow into a beautiful swan. Lovely poem!

  3. This is a lovely shadorma and your translation is perfect. I think the sensation of being the ugly duckling is so devastating…and frequent…I’m happy you found your beautiful child and your fantastic beauty!

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