3 Short Poems


BJ Smith


How does one live in the reeds

When the water opposite

Evokes such depth?

Had I been less buoyant

You never would have seen

My pain and I in turn

Would never have become

The fixation of yours



Each morning you strap on a series

Of nesting paper-mache masks

And a 10 inch dildo to tighten

The strings lacing my wings

I only really fly when you fuck me

Otherwise I’m spitefully mammalian



I will always remember you

Smuggling poems into

Monochrome notebooks

In the coffee shop on 3rd

My fingertips full of things

I might have written

But never dared too

My heart sewn with neon threads

To spare me the humiliation

Of full-scale invisibility


18 responses to “3 Short Poems

  1. Not gonna lie. They all work great together but the second is by far and away my favourite. Neeraj is absolutely spot on. Unapologetic. That’s what I love about you and your writing. Never change that.

  2. I continue to be amaze by your writing and these three don’t fall short of any. I often wonder about someone’s mind (I have a thing for minds – not brains those would be zombies) when I read what comes out of those imagination webs. Your’s is one I often wonder about. Your writing is exquisite and captivating 🙂

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