Andrey Bobir

I never gave my heart

The benefit of expression

Compromised every note

With a bedeviled chorus

Under the premise of logic

I outwitted instinct

But was none the wiser


Of the faces worn

None are so enduring

As the Godhead

I fashion labyrinths

Of human hair and insulation

Chasing monosyllabic stars

Under the council of sheep

Still bodhichitta remains



I left my hands in cement

To harden as if they were

A personalized monument

For a depersonalized farce

I ceased all intrinsic endeavor

Heel toe…heel toe..heel toe

Boots greased by a mercurial skyline

The end was of my own making

Still the beginning follows


What have I learned

In the passage of time

In the snarl of sand

As it plummets from

One hemisphere into the next?

To accept yourself

For no other truth fits


I am never satisfied with my philosophical poems something I need to work on


25 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #9 “Lotus Song”

  1. I think that is the point about philosophical poems Yves, we are never satisfied becaaue the discussion they initiate keeps going on. You did a fine job with this in fact you have inspired me to write something.

  2. Beautifully written Yves…there is no truth but life itself and no one can understand but the fraction of life, and that only is a maybe, which we inhabit. Loved your poem!

  3. ha. monosyllablic stars….smiles….those opening lines hook….our hearts need that benefit of expression lest they lose their voice….the acceptance of self is huge as well…

  4. So powerful, and quite a few of the lines in there stood out to me, like chasing monosyllabic stars and the snarl of sand… Very, very beautiful! Bravo!

  5. Wow! I think you need to work on being satisfied with the work rather than working on the work. ok…I am not sure if that made any sense, but I loved it. I would be satisfied with it….even very happy with it! 🙂 Shutting up now. 😀

  6. I have to say, you’re really outdoing yourself as of late, this was incredible. I love the artwork as well.

    You’re starting to delve deeper into yourself and getting a little abstract, I love it!!!! It’s right up my alley.

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