A rosary of ill-begotten hearts

Simpers within your leather bodice

A window covered in parchment

Grapples with a pitiless sun

Privacy is essential in descent

For who could abide the minutiae

Of self-applied lesions

Of vinegar dipped tongues

Splintering verse?

This is what it means

To be shunned

Dreams coarse and irritable

Fingertips rimmed

In blackened sickles

Fists coiled in the roots

Of migratory flowers


Eeep sorry for this written in 5 minutes very hectic less few days


20 thoughts on “Wordle #9 Shunned

  1. Sits really well with my mood and the weather here today, so absolutely no reason to apologize in any way! This is gorgeously dark and well written!

      1. It’ll come back… I know it feels hopeless with a day like this after this glorious week-end, but… We’ll get at least another week of summer before August or so… 😉

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