Photo Challenge 8 “War Paint”


Chiara Fersinis

I’ve drawn you a map

Pray that you find

At once my heart

For I have not seen her

Since adolescence

When I deigned

Still to love


I’ve a record

Of all my requisites

And peeves

Better that you

Are the opposite

Of all that I declare

For I have never met

A wish that I could bare

In fulfillment


I dress, a succubus

That you may know

Both awe and arousal

In the instant that we meet

It’s all theatrics darling

For I’m reticent when cloaked


I have known

Too many princes

To be seized with tactics

I want a lover

With substance,

One who does not

Delegate in times

Of war

A man whose lips

Understand the nuance

Of a perfectly-timed kiss

Yes a man, for a boy

Could never keep

Long my interest


23 responses to “Photo Challenge 8 “War Paint”

  1. Ohhh… The nuance of a perfectly timed kiss… *sigh* Beautiful piece! I would love to meet this strong woman, though I sense she’s also rather lonely as well…

  2. Perfectly beautiful, Candice. 🙂 Much too often boys cloak around as men and we cannot even discern the difference. It takes a real man to know how to treat a woman and make her feel good in eery sense and it takes real man to go to the war front.

  3. i want a lover with substance…nice….i like the straightforward honesty in this…with even just a splatch of sass for having been there and knowing what you want in life…and love

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