Did I seize

From a fictitious vault

Pluck the stars inside

Your eyes by mistake

Leaving you thus inert?

Did I douse your fire?

By placing too many placebos

Into your upset hands

Or did I offer too little

In spite of demand?

Did your soul thirst

For blood, tears, or mortar?

Was I ever present?

Ever generous?

Did I understand

The depth of your breech?

The state of my carapace?

Was I flexible as black?

Or askance as yellow?

Was my suitcase heavier

Than my obtuse heart?

Was I worth my weight

Or did having me hurt

Worse than labor?


Unrelated update

Isadora is on the mend but now I have a fever



15 responses to “Questions

  1. Firstly sorry that Isadora has been unwell and now you have seemed to cop it 😦 take care hun. Secondly so much insecurity in this piece, the questions being asked, have I been worthy, or only enough to be trodden on. Excellent Yves. xx

  2. Absolutely (I need to find another word for that at some point) lovely!!! So touching, so very, very touching!

  3. Yes, too many questions in life … Sometimes you just looking for an answer, even with a monosyllable we possibly we would be satisfied!

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