Danielle Bedard

My back is soft and boneless

Your shiv wrestles my flesh,

My furiously fluttering limbs

My mewling roseate lungs

Why won’t you do as I say?

Why can’t I do as I think?

Why do these stubby fingers

Betray so oft my confidence?


It was I who ate all the cookies!

It was I who cried the hardest

And I, who laughed the freest

I like xylophones and paper airplanes

Toy horses and rambling monologues

So long as I have composed them

I do not like to be cuddled

Or looked at too intently

I am self-contained like the miniatures

Harvested inside snow globes

I am a hermit, a soft freckled Buddha

Waiting for Mara’s veiled dance to cease

Waiting for my lotus-woven cape

To catch a harmonizing mistral

That I may return to the nether


This is another of my autobiographical poems this one is aged 3


If you’ve wondered why it’s taking me longer to get back to you it’s because I have been reorganizing and cleaning my apartment. Though my apartment is tiny we have enough for a house (we’d lived in a larger place before) and Sam has A LOT of hobbies so organizing is tantamount and also a major challenge since I have no idea what most of his stuff is. He has a lot of mysterious widgets lol I have 2 large drawers filled with seaweed?! I love seaweed but 2 drawers worth? Madness. It’s just madness. I have only the kitchen left provided Isadora doesn’t tear the rest of the apartment down in the meantime. I also went clothes shopping with Isadora today.