cemetery5Medusa’s lashes

Ensconce my calcified heart

A champagne sky splits

Into seditious scarlets

Like tears pinched off at the root


Medusa’s lashes aka grass


13 responses to “Sepulcher

  1. Wow! Spectacular, all the imagery and emotion involved in that single thought, of the stonifying medusa hair around a human heart…amazing, you are amazing! 🙂

  2. tears pinched off at the root…what a turn of phrase….
    champagne is a wonderful description of the sky….
    nice play of the calcified heart off the myth of medusa

    sorry, i need a break but i am back…smiles.

  3. This is a gorgeous shot! Found your blog through the blog, Crumble Cult’s links, btw. It was a great recommendation, I see.

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