The Veil


Tara Minshull

He’d peered so often into her coffin-shaped heart

Ironed the delicate black veils unaware

Was it he that would become a widow or she?

Their love was as smoke divesting each lung requital

They exchanged souls with the passing of pens

Her ink staining his journals from end to end


When drowning she held him by the throat

Her beak as eviscerating as a diamond

His blood despairing amongst her tears

His pulse swallowed up in her screams

He did not want that time should pass

The hours being already too thin to breathe

He sensed long her exit but could not reconcile

In his heart the method of departure

The futility of his own hands to steady her

Was far too permanent a conclusion


The clock became an anvil

Hammering each inflection

Sparks wafting impotently

From the papal white

Of its loathsome face

The threat of forfeiture

A weapon capable of splitting

Even the most obdurate husk


His ego had being unwilling to grant

That love was not as compelling

As murder for which the outcome

Was either evident or irrelevant


He would not call her broken

To say as such might diminish

The supremacy of her talents

One might say that the earth

Was a station through which

All odysseys must briefly pass

Who could judge the distance

Of one so adept at propulsion?

The sky shall not surrender her

Having attached adroitly its hooks

He shall have to be satisfied

With the stars through which she

The quintessential heiress gleans


I took on Bianca’s challenge which you can read about in more detail by checking out the link here


I am not sure what compelled me to take on Ted Hughes. His work is well out of my league. I listened to this poem. You can see I used he and she as he has done. I also decided to embrace his subject material aka the suicidal wife. Hell I even tried to delve a bit into his style. I am not sure how convincing of a mimic I am. I thought about doing a fellow blogger but I am a little scared that my feeble attempts might be insulting but if anyone would like me to attempt them let me know lol