Photo Challenge #5 “Paper Train”


Dheny Patungka

A glass cephalic muse

Yields to disclosure

She knows as I know not

She speaks as I cannot

Of a life so curiously quarried

I am wealthy she tells me

Red as a pagan heart


Volumes of unwritten poems

Fill my carts, at least in theory,

Though having never seen them

I cannot attest a life-giving labor

Too oft stillborn I am not convinced

That I possess a reasonable womb

Death I fear you, as my only companion

That I should speak forever as I was


34 responses to “Photo Challenge #5 “Paper Train”

  1. Yves, this poem speaks to me and the feeling that death, now a nearer companion than when was young, might indeed find those volumes of unwritten poems that I’v neglected to write. Excellent.

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