Wordle #5 Polaris


The scent of your musk

Knots in my throat

Gathers like a coven

Of duplicitous nymphs

Sets free my albatross

That I might attain

A much needed altitude


You are a self-made Polaris

Of impeccable dispersion

I follow you a mendicant,

A thicket, a parting of wounds

Contentiously wrapped


I break my heart

Into shapely wedges

Like a tangerine

A slice for each year

Of residency

We who are decidedly essential

Are likewise finite

And yet I’d gladly bleed

Each succulent cell

That you should know

Eternally my taste




32 responses to “Wordle #5 Polaris

  1. I liked this Yves, I got the sense of menace and foreboding from this poem. I felt it was working well that sense that the persona was in my face pressing their point.

  2. Well done, I liked your take on this.
    PS: I’ve started “Alterable Void” and have been enjoying studying it.

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