Andrew Ferez

The great amnesia, merciful amnesia will you steal too my heart?

The love I dared, the love I held for a time in my crooked womb

Purer than any other love, a curious species of Narcissism

The better self, the self that is always forgiven and held up

When I am gone and you still me, still viable, will we be one again?

Will you remember me as on a pedestal or as I was skipping

From grave to grave hoping not for life but for a sudden death

Seemingly innocuous, so as not to spoil too much, your legacy


I read recently that Sylvia Plath’s son committed suicide and I got to thinking about how Depression runs in families and so on


16 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. When She had had enough, the Great Earth Mother rose, shook off the destructive and violent humans, then resettled Herself, knowing that She would flourish once again.

  2. Beautiful. I agree, my daughter suffers from anxiety as I do. Sometimes guilt takes hold when I think of what I passed on to her and what she’ll be facing.

  3. A suicide in a family removes the social taboo of it, making it more likely to happen in generations that follow. It takes a strong person to say “this madness will stop. Suicide is NOT an option and I refuse to give in when life seems too painful to carry on.”

  4. Wonderful art and thought provoking poem. And while there is something to say about genes and predisposition for certain illnesses and diseases…I wouldn’t worry to much. You and Sam will bring your children up with much love and with the tools they need to fight those inclinations. See you went through things that your children will not.

  5. This took my breath away, the sadness running through families, my own included. It can be broken. I remember reading “it is only when we are crawling on our bellies with depression can we rise and be made anew.” Bless you and your family. You will rise above this and continue to write such beautiful heartfelt poems.

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