Wordle #4 “Abolish”


My soul as aluminium foil seams

A hateful sphere, a crushed mirror

Held together with blood and plaque


Your existential fist tightens

All is fair in pursuit and all consumed

I ignored the usual warnings

The steam rising from your teeth

As if the smile were straining

Against congenital malediction

You who are so much like your father

The same salivary love for poisons

The same furrow in a brow too heathen

To articulate tenderness

It is as if your lips were a bellows

Feeding the great furnace beyond

With accusations too cruel to snuff


Love is a stairwell, an empty avenue

Brimming with ghastly pink lights

Like the vacant eyes of albino rabbits

Alone more now than ever I was before

You have made it so, taken the self

From within my private identity

I have nothing now but lyrics

Rainless storms disjointing dwindling seas

I have no tears left to abolish

I have spent them all and still I am not free



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