Prompt 51 Complete Bafflement “Extinction”


Tom Bagshaw

There are miracles that only the extinct know

Armageddon will never reveal wholly its formula

Did you see it? The great white ball of light

Hurtling like the head of a slain Olympian?

Did you see it? The filthy black curtain

Snapping closed over a life-affirming sun

Indeed you did see but how would you define the terms?


Were you relieved dear one?

The chance to return home, to the womb

To be complete after existing so long a fissure?

Were your thoughts inarticulate or portent?

Perhaps you never saw it coming at all

Perhaps you died knowing everything

There’d be no way to convey such profundity

Even if you could would I understand it?

Or would I liken it to an inflated fish

That’s all well and good but it can’t possibly be true


What of the face of God did you behold it?

Would you describe it for me in 7 syllables or less

I have a very short attention span you see

So long as I’m employed in the business of survival

Objectivity would be wholly unprofessional of me

I have a grave to dig and I am ahead of schedule


One more thing before you go did you

Contribute to the demise of your species?

Was it doing or not doing that proved the most fatal?

I doubt I should alter my present course

Coincidences aside we are not the same you and I

What are the odds that I should suffer a comparable fate?


I chose this for the prompt because humans as a species seem utterly incapable of understanding how things are interconnected. No matter how glaring the warnings we continue to struggle on in ignorance.