Micropoetry (4 Attempts) possibly triggering



The apple’s venom curdles

The milk of my sclera

The tragedy of Eden

Survives in proximity


You nurse the speculum deeper

Widening the pocket of my shame

Every cell has been categorized

The verdict stands: Abnormal


I will be forgotten

I will be forgotten

Please forget me

Forget that I lived

How I died

Forget all that I was

And all that I lacked


Every effort I make

Is met with violent effect

Invitation rescinded

Even my prayers

Have teeth


Right now I feel like the universe is kicking me repeatedly in the face. #2 is not to be taken literally


18 responses to “Micropoetry (4 Attempts) possibly triggering

  1. Yves, these might be micro poems but they are packing an emotional wallop!
    reading the micro poems on Bianca’s recent post and now yours has me quite intrigued…
    ty for the inspiration!

  2. Teeth everywhere, even in prayer, even in the chant of #3 and the cells of #2 and the venom of #1. And they are, I think, your own teeth grinning in the farce of the existential. Fine detail!

  3. This micropoetry packs a punch that leaves a mark. Fine writing…AND I’m sorry you are having such a shit time.

    If you want to “talk” send me an email. I’m here. Hugs 🙂

  4. Third (yet again) supremely brilliant – if supremely sad MLM. (If this is about you – you are so wrong!)
    Kind regards.
    Anna :o]

  5. The first stanza really grabbed me.

    Where are you grabbing the photo challenge from? The art is fantastic and I’m getting a few ideas from browsing.

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