Wordle #3 Illusory


I carry your slouching sonnets

Inside my winsome capillaries

A carnival of contusions and dilations

An exhaustive obituary read

Cautiously over breakfast

As if the print were itself contagious

And given the lucidity of your influence

I might very well follow you


My larvate heart ejaculates in silk

Meanwhile the sun flickers piecemeal

Through an intervening storm

It’s not over, I still have books to write

And there’s still the city which

I refer to only in euphemism

I can’t begin to tell you all the ways

She has betrayed me

I exist within her now

A latent birth


For all the probing and tugging

You think I would have materialized

But I am as evasive as I ever was

I won’t wait up for you long

Lest your ghost overcome me

19 responses to “Wordle #3 Illusory

  1. What to write for the wordle after an entry as succulent as yours?
    Loved this part:”An exhaustive obituary read

    Cautiously over breakfas”

  2. “Slouching sonnet”, “exhaustive obituary read”, “my larvate heart ejaculates in silk”, just a few from so many beautiful edges. This was sad and beautifully depicted.

  3. I don’t even think like that – never mind write like that MLM. Bloody brilliant!
    Anna :o]

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