Fairytale Prompt #2


There is no malice darker

Than incessant jealousy

I have a blood claim, a history

A taste toward disobedience

With you being the sole witness

I am not chosen but indelible

I am the burlap-cloaked adversary

Of your loathsome schemes


There was a sign upon your heart

Declaring no vacancies in letters as red

As the pupils of a demonic vestige

All the gaps stuffed with oil-soaked cotton

Every entreaty became a lit match

I stood quietly at the base of your spine

An oft sighted impingement,

An obelisk shadowing every detour

Inescapable, unalterable, unwelcome


I slept in the stables with the horses

A delinquent without tarnish

An innocent unjustly held

To values unanswerably named

I could never appease my debt

For it grows without cultivation

If I died you’d lament still

The expense of my grave

Your husband’s negligent tears

As he wept the loss

Of his only daughter


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