Photo Challenge #1 Bad Connection


The silentious migration of our hearts

Conversations abate but do not dissolve

The imposition of volitional space

Wherever our lips meet there is a war

Intentions coiled like a noose

Promises of reunion and civility

Occasions that never present

Occasions that pass forgotten until

Inquiry reaps a deadening excuse


24 responses to “Photo Challenge #1 Bad Connection

  1. Kudos for wordplay: ‘Wherever our lips meet there is a war’ and more. You have whittled this tense message down to its suspenseful core so that it makes a powerful punch. A brilliant piece this, greatly enjoyed.

  2. Hard to pick a favourite part, when every single line is a standalone explosion! I guess I liked this part best :”Wherever our lips meet there is a war

    Intentions coiled like a noose”, but the whole poem is fabulous!

  3. Love your words….I am anxiously waiting for your book to be delivered!!! I have e-version but want to read it the way you prefer the first time. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Anja =) Have you ordered the book? How does the eBook look/work? Sam has never made an eBook before and though he tested it each eReader is a little different

      • I ordered it about a week ago……it is coming USPS so ya know it may be here next week. lol
        The eBook downloaded to my mac book area and reads like any other ebook. Did that help? I looked through it and stopped so I could have it in my hands. 🙂

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