Who Art Thou White Face Leonora Carrington

I know I know I just hosted the poll but I got excited and when I get excited well there is just no telling what I might do.

Here is the new prompt site. Please if you can help visit and let me know what challenge you can author. I have a challenge ready to go for Monday. I will leave today’s Prompt here at MLM to avoid any confusion.



9 thoughts on “I created the new prompt site!

  1. Great! Let me know if you need me to help with something!
    On a personal note, I find that layout to be dreadfull if you are not accesing from the reader :/

      1. I was jsut checking and was baffled where is the “post comment” button, till I noticed its there just transparent till you mouse over XD I also had to click to see the comments, which, in reality, if it is not a blog I REALLY adore I would not bother doing most probubly.
        What I want to say is, most people prefer functionality over esthetics when it’s about the prompt sites 😀

        I like the theme you are using now for your blogs, the pictures are there to entice BUT there is also title on pictures visible etc. I am not much fo a theme knower, the one I am using is even retired and not available anymore 😦

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