Brooke Shaden

This week’s prompt is An Escalating Humiliation

I am going to share a personal story by way of example but you do not have to write about my experience. I would rather you write about your personal experiences with embarrassment. You say something foolish and when trying to regain dignity/composure you end up making things worse. This is something I feel we can all relate to. You don’t have to write nonfiction. I understand that for some this topic might be too painful.

When I was a child I wanted to be a singer. I was quite the little mimic and I was able to adopt a satisfactory speaking voice from a Hollywood actress but I could not emulate singing voices. I had a knack for remembering songs and intuiting lyrics but my singing was comically robotic. No matter how hard I tried to let go I just couldn’t produce human emotion. I practiced daily, rigorously and like most children in the pursuit of a dream I didn’t consider proclivity. I figured I just had to do and it would happen. In the 3rd grade my drama/music class held auditions for the school play. Everyone would participate but you had to try out for the lead singing roles. My decision was totally impromptu the teacher asked “Who wants to sing?” and my hand shot up. Now normally I could remember the lyrics but even with them in front of me I couldn’t “remember” them at all. The class was already giggling before I even opened my mouth (which took quite a long time for me to do). When I started to sing it was much worse, my little robotic voice forcing its way over the laughter and jeers of my classmates. The teacher told me I could stop but no apparently I couldn’t I had to finish out the song. That was bad enough of course but the teacher pulled me to the side after and told me she was going to put me in the very back of the chorus and instructed me to lip synch the whole performance. I was never allowed to sing in class again! I was also forbidden to participate in PE because of my poor coordination (didn’t I need PE to help that?).

29 thoughts on “Prompt 48 Escalating Humiliation

  1. Nice prompt! I cannot remember if and when I was embarassed. The only one event I remember is hugging and squeeling with joy to , apparently, the doppleganger of one of my friends. I was gripping her and loving her while she was desperately trying to explain to me she is not Alexandra. I thought she is joking with me, because they look like siamese twins. I was really embarassed afterwards, because everyone teased me about it(even though at leasr 20 people more made the same mistake as me 😀 )

  2. Oh dear, I’m afraid I could write an autobiography based on embarrassment and humiliation alone!
    Sorry I missed your prompt! I haven’t been getting out much to other’s blogs, so I didn’t realize you had already posted the prompt.

  3. Perhaps what you knew was that you were supposed to use your voice, sing your song–which is exactly what you’re doing 😉

    Singing in public (by myself) makes me freeze like nothing else. Not crazy about speaking, but singing? No idea why. One of my parents has been a professional vocal musician … didn’t inherit that, I take it 😉

    1. I was only a child in the basic required class so I do think she made a rather extreme decision considering. That usually happens when you are told think this or don’t think that it can have the opposite effect

  4. As soon as she could speak, she told her parents she wasn’t from “around here.” They said that she was brilliant and made up the most wonderful stories about her home in the clouds. She gave vivid details and came up with the most interesting plots. Her father was positive she was going to be a fantastic writer and win many awards. Her mother though she would be an actress and produce her own wonderful films. The girl, however, just wanted to get back to her where she belonged.

    As soon as she was allowed to go into the yard unattended, she stood in the grass, closed her eyes, held out her arms and whispered, “Please, please, please, come and get me. I’m soooooooo homesick and these humans are all insane. Please, please, please, come and get me.” Then she would turn clockwise three times and counterclockwise twice. She always stayed in the yard until someone made her come in to eat dinner or go to bed. Months went by and while sometimes discouraged and frustrated, she never stopped performing her ritual. She HAD to get off of this planet. She had to get home.

    Then, one day in the summer, when the sky was blue and the clouds were white and fluffy, she felt a kind of tingling on her face. Her heart rate increased and she frowned in concentration, repeating the phrase, “please come and get me, please come and get me,” over and over again. And little by little her beautiful cloud spirit emerged from the tight human body that encased and crushed her perfect spirit. Free at last, she floated toward home, never giving her earthly costume a second glance.

  5. Your teachers were heinous!! I can’t imagine telling someone to stand in the back and lip synch. And you should have joined in at PE, too. Hugs, Brenda

      1. Sounds like you just needed patience and support from the teachers, but they had none to spare. It’s easy to take someone already good at something and let them do it. That requires no effort. To help someone who really wants to do it, but needs instruction, that is surely more worthwhile.

      2. Either you are a wonderful teacher or you would make one. As a child I did have some teachers that were patient and encouraging and unfortunately a few like the above as well

      1. I never liked school, though it meant I wasn’t bored. I was always the new kid which made it tough. But, I learned to read and write, and thus found an outlet for my over-active imagination.
        Glad you can find moments that you liked school!

      2. I was so much in my own world that I didn’t get caught up in so much of the drama. I just kept on being myself even that self was weird and it worked out somehow

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