Your fingers like lit shadow puppets

Draw my gaze from the shiv

That has repossessed your tongue

Between the sheets we hemorrhage

Two dejected boats slipping beneath

A nitrogen-rich border into the bowels

Of an unwitting and uncompromising sea

I can feel the tug of our conjoined anchors

The slow death of an inarticulate drowning

We are not ready to exchange definitive needs

We are not ready to retract furious limbs


Why must you address me in third person?

She is a penitentiary that holds without citation

She is a soul-threading parasite with a taste for meat

She is me but you don’t have the gall to say it

So you insinuate through euphemism

I suffer your silences and your carefully worded parables

Knowing that I lack the necessity to stake my claim

Knowing that you are not better for knowing me

Knowing that I have made you brittle and infirm


How is it that I in living have become

The antithesis for life?

Is my weight more than Atlas can bare?

Do my footsteps incite thunder?

Or do I sink into a daily grave

Roots so vast and deep that they leave

No space for dual occupancy?


30 responses to “Inbetween

  1. Hi Yves, life is full of times where we don’t feel we fit in, where we are often left feeling out of everything, not fitting the mould so to speak. But each of us has a place in the world, its about finding our space and trying to feel secure in that spot.

  2. I can’t decide which of the stanzas I like more, which resonated deepest. A stunning read with such understanding.
    Many congratulations on the book too. This should be in the next one.x

    • Thank you so much =) I am already looking for material for the second book because I know I have another 100 poems to work with already so I could certainly include this one

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  4. I must confess I am confused with this one–not with what is so starkly imaged in each of the three stanzas–but in the relationship among them. How did the change come from the “we” in the first to the lack of “we”in the second to the lonely and false sense of “I” in the third. Should I see them as progressing in time? As more than one voice?

    • This might not have happened to you Susan and I hope it hasn’t but sometimes when one is in a relationship be it platonic or romantic the other party employs passive aggressive techniques to convey their discontent. They might for example tell stories that are clearly about you but deny it on direct inquiry. People are afraid of confrontation and can employ of all sorts of strange indirect methods to communicate their feelings and needs. The result is often that you feel alone and estranged even within the context of a relationship.

  5. Such powerful words, Yves, and I can’t decide which line struck me most, each time I read it it I see and feel something different…”The slow death of an inarticulate drowning” was something I felt strongly though. I am way late in the news about your book. Congratulations, Yves!!

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