2 poems (Entity and Puppy Love)



I have always been

One part demonic and one part angelic

The boundary that separates the two

Is as deep as it is vast

I am not two entities trapped

In one diffident fugue

But one entity which refutes

All consignment

Puppy Love

Two couples stand in the back of the tram

They are not old enough for the intimacy

Their succinct postures compose

Or perhaps it is I who have grown too old

To differentiate between youth and infancy

14 responses to “2 poems (Entity and Puppy Love)

  1. I enjoyed these very much. The first one reminded me of a book I once read – “Between the monster and the saint” – by Richard Holloway. I haven’t read it for years, but remember enjoying it at the time.

  2. I liked ..I didn’t scratch my head..or need the thesaurus lol. We do look on the young ones differently as we get older, then again most of the babies out there can pass for youth, so we are stuffed either way really. x

  3. So true … the older we get, the younger everyone else looks! I’m always thinking that people I see with children in tow look too young to cope 😉

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