Prompt 47 Street Art


Jeff Soto

Today’s prompt is an intermission. As some of you may recall we were doing a series of 20 prompts. The series was designed to assist in story-writing. At present we only have one person writing a story but that’s okay because as I mentioned at the beginning you could treat each prompt individually just as we have always done. We have (if I counted properly) 9 prompts left in the series. At the end of the series Prompt will of course continue so no worries!

Today’s prompt is Graffiti/Street Art. Your job is to go outside and take a picture for inspiration. I don’t care if you take images of statues, city murals, children’s sidewalk drawings, graffiti, or whatever. You can stop with the image if you are an artist or photographer but if you are a writer then write what the piece makes you feel. From my post you will see I didn’t write a poem about street art in general I used the words as a prompt, so everyone’s entry will likely be very different this time.  I have your back if you couldn’t get out Isadora has taken photos for you! Yep the numbered ones are hers except the angel which I took and the saint and bunnies which Sam took. There isn’t so much interesting graffiti in my area and we were limited to a certain area since I was on foot with a 6 year old haha. I have named the photos 1-20 that way you can easily identify which photo you have used. You are free to share the photos on your blog. You are also free to modify the photo(s) in whatever way you see fit. You do not have to post the photograph with your prompt if you’ve used one of mine just specify which one somewhere in the post.

There was one image we couldn’t take at her elementary school written on one of the buildings is “Dead Angels” The text is very faded but the words really stood out to me. You are free to use this also.

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Yves K Morrow’s ‘An Alterable Void’ – a review

My First Book Review!


Cover art: Mirjana Miric Inalman Cover art: Mirjana Miric Inalman

Cover art: Mirjana Miric Inalman Cover art: Mirjana Miric Inalman

Let me begin by saying I love the many and varied talented poets and writers I have had the privilege to meet and read over WordPress. The skill and generosity of all constantly surprise and gladden me, but for me one of my very favourite writers has to be the wonderful Yves K Morrow, the poet at

I am constantly in awe of the work of this amazing writer –to me she is the poetic lovechild of Arthur Rimbaud and Sylvia Plath with some of Poe’s bloodline mixed in for good measure. She is that amazing. She is that good. Her work should be recognised far beyond just her WordPress followers and one day she should be studied by students of great literature.

Again I say it, she is that good. If one day I write…

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2 poems (Entity and Puppy Love)



I have always been

One part demonic and one part angelic

The boundary that separates the two

Is as deep as it is vast

I am not two entities trapped

In one diffident fugue

But one entity which refutes

All consignment

Puppy Love

Two couples stand in the back of the tram

They are not old enough for the intimacy

Their succinct postures compose

Or perhaps it is I who have grown too old

To differentiate between youth and infancy