The stop sign governs my life

I wait at the corners of every intersection

Delayed and ostensibly impenitent

Inside I’m screaming “Go Go Go

While you still have hope to spare!”

But the engine no longer turns

For I’ve no fuel left to hearten


I have writer’s block or maybe I should say I have poetry block. I am so emotionally constipated that I find myself uncomfortable with everything I produce


36 responses to “Stall

  1. Beautiful writing, a yield from your famous “writer’s block” 🙂 I feel the same way about poetry at the moment, and wish I could write like this while feeling like that!

    • Thank you so much =) I glad it didn’t totally suck. I go through phases where I write poetry, where I write stories or blogs or prose and where I just can’t seem to write fuck all

  2. You describe the feeling very passionately; I think it’s a good sign that even with poet’s block, you still produce much more that “adequate” verse. I know the feeling of being stuck all too well; you’ve said it much better than me!

  3. “For I’ve no fuel left to hearten”

    Exactly how I’ve been feeling about my little webcomic this year. It’s the reason why I’ve taken so long to get back into the swing of producing it. You always seem to know the right words, Yves.

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