Decomposing Heart

I had written something for today but I was dissatisfied with it so



These skeletal secrets

Consume through atrophy

A ricocheting heart

That disembarks passionless

Will inevitably decay


Procreant my tears

Exceed generational hierarchy

I am less adept

At managing hunger

Starvation plays upon

My baser instincts,

It’s not simply somatic

The need for fulfillment

Occupies all indenture


Closeted, the child within

Cowers in darkness

Beset by demonic shades

I know that denial alienates

Still, I drink

Of these familiar shadows

That I might become

A less visible target


All my angels have fallen

Like discarded syringes

I hide them in plain sight

Oblivious to the enormity

Of my affliction


Apathetic, this suicide

Languishes in my intestines

Any occasion could

Prove a trigger

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