Prompt 46 Bitter Loathing


This week’s prompt is bitter loathing. Know anyone who cannot let go of a grudge? Who continues to hate and behave hatefully? Who remains consumed/obsessed with a specific person and/or specific event? Have you found there is someone that even after years you still cannot forgive? A person that brings out the worst in you? A relationship that even if long extinguished leaves the taste of grapefruit in your mouth?

37 responses to “Prompt 46 Bitter Loathing

  1. Yep, I have those lurking about in my life – but I have learned not to take notice, life’s too precious to allow poison to stay… no anger, no hate is best – learn how to stay calm in the face of them is the ticket, I reckon 😀

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  4. It’s my bd today and I think I will think about this and write it later. The daylight savings’ time started and I was just robbed an hour sleep but it sure is a great prompt!! I look forward to contributing.

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  6. Yes, I think we all have someone or something to hate, in my case it is, but not too hard, I can say, “that person I do not like”

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