9e611af19041c18c2Kylli Sparre

The ebook is now available on Lulu! I intend to make both versions available on Amazon in the future.



31 thoughts on “Houston we have an eBook

      1. I am excited too from what I have read in the blogger community it won’t sell well (I reached my target of 5 copies though!) but I have done it ya know? I made a book!

  1. Fantastic! I think it’s amazing and awesome you’ve published some of your incredible, powerful poems!
    I might some questions about the publishing process. I’m going to help my yoga teacher publish a small book of recipes and neither of us has much experience with the “new” publishing methods. I’m used to old school, and she hasn’t ever published.
    I’ve been “talking” with the woman I copy-edited her e-book, and she has given me some suggestions and advice.

  2. eBooks are wonderful. Truly. But I couldn’t resist buying the papery version. That will be a more tactile experience for me. There’s nothing quite like being able to turn actual physical pages and smelling that fresh new ink! (I may even read it too.) 😛

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