Fine, thanks


A capricious sun begets

Adumbral voyeurs

I sleep with fear,

With inconsolable wraiths

Pinned into the lascivious corners

Of my prevaricating smile,

I am fine thank you for asking,

Never mind the culling

Of my beleaguered eyes

Cerebral expenditure only,

Rest-assured I do not cry


My daughter has been home sick this week and I haven’t been able to complete a single thought. No sleep, no delicately articulated dreams, no peace whatsoever. Sam is working on the E-book but I do hope you will consider purchasing the actual paperback. In my humble opinion poetry should be intimate, it should be held. Also the book will be available for Amazon in the future. If anyone would like to help with the marketing that would be enormously appreciated I have no idea what I am doing and I fear I am not sufficiently outgoing.  If you have published books what has worked for you?

16 responses to “Fine, thanks

  1. that last line sent a little chill – I have an EPub hence my banner on my site displays it. I can’t help with the marketing as the only held book was having a short story published in a book along with 20 others ..sad but true. Good luck! x

    • Thanks so much Jenny =)

      Sam is working on E-book right now (well technically he’s at work so maybe not this exact moment lol), I have to have held books when it is poetry myself

      No explanation is necessary it’s an if you can and if you want to thing lol I only mention it because people approach me so tentatively on the subject of whether they can reblog my posts and right now especially that would be very much appreciated

  2. Adumbral. My new word for the day. Thanks Yves. If you really want to sell books you have to be in people’s faces, a lot. There are millions of books out there and poetry is a niche market. this could make it easier, you don’t know. Lotsa luck. 🙂

  3. Yours is the second mum I have read about today with a sick child. maybe it is that time of year. But a lovely poem and I shall attempt to purchase a hard copy of your work to hold in my hand as you suggest. Congratulations on the publication Yves.

  4. I do wish your daughter speedy recovery. I know how it feels having a sick child at hand. At one time or other, I had two of my three kids sick at the same time. Do take care of yourself too!

    Congratulations on your book, Candice. I wish there was something I could do. I am not good at these things at all since I have not published anything yet on my own!

    • Just one is handful 2 or 3 you have my sympathy and respect.

      Thank you so much Celestine I will be honest Sam handled the technical stuff. I wrote the book and made decisions on appearance (Oloriel did the cover design amazing work) but Sam handled the business side. I haven’t a clear idea on how to market except trying to spread the word

  5. ah but sometimes crying may be th best thing to let it out…we cant be strong always….so hard with kids home sick…with my dad having the heart attack earlier this week i have had to play parent in a new way, you know…so i feel you…and sleep has been elusive…slept last night very well though….

    • I am glad you were able to sleep. How is your dad doing Brian? I am so sorry to hear. My father in law had a heart attack some time ago he nearly died (well technically he was dead for quite some time) but he is alive and well now. Really doing well with his pacemaker. I hope your father will see a swift recovery.

  6. Brilliant poem as ever and I’ve ordered my paperback copy of your book already, of course! happy to help with marketing – will you do a promotional post that we can reblog, or I’m happy to post something about your book if you want to send me some details etc, a jpg of the cover and so forth, and something about you and your work that you’d like me to post, then I can follow up with a review once I have the book if that helps? Just email me re any help you’d like.

    I must say I haven’t looked forward to a book of poetry being available with this much anticipation that I can recall – well done you and congratulations!!

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