4 very short poems


Sarolta Ban


First impressions are easier to master than pursuit

In the beginning there’s nothing to lose

Except of course the mystery

It’s when the heart gets involved

And you’re waiting by the phone at 12 pm

Thinking where did I go wrong?

That the despair really kicks in


I wonder if we began in a good way

Perhaps it was the only way,

Given the odds and there were as you know

A significant number of odds

The Ultimate Impossibility

When I think of starting over

And how we might not be together

In any other scenario save for the current one

I think I must have screwed up just enough

For life to express the ultimate impossibility

The ultimate impossibility being of course love


I don’t think “nice” people find

What they are looking for

Because sometimes you have to trespass

Break a few windows

Remove the pins from all the hinges once inside

So it’s just one big blood-filled arena

Nice people knock 3 times then shuffle away


I don’t usually write in this style like many people I am a little confused about the difference between poetry and prose but I think this might be prose. I guess technically I am a nice person (albeit a difficult person) but Sam and I had to fight hard to be together and to stay together. If I’d been too kind I wouldn’t have had the stomach to face all the opposition. I often think about going back and doing things differently, about how I could have been kinder and more understanding. How I could have been more this and less that.

23 responses to “4 very short poems

  1. Would you think me awful if I say I loved these, because I understood immediately what you were saying and meaning? Tsk tsk yes I know, but I have said it before I get lost on some of your paths that you take. I do love Nice… the most and yes I would say prose 🙂 x

  2. Being nice is not healthy anymore. We have to defend ourselves in extreme conditions.
    Thoughtful writing. I especially liked the last one… definitely smiled a sad smile at “nice people knock 3 times, then shuffle away”.
    🙂 Take care.

  3. ha. sometimes you do have to trespass…that last one is cool…
    each of these is unique…i have been the one waiting on the call…
    the second one made me smile at the admission of so much odd…
    all cool pieces…

      • I started writing my prose in condensed sentences without punctuation, and most seemed to look at it as poetry. Form seems to be part of that distinction — since that moment i found more freedom 🙂

      • I think for the average person form is the deciding factor. I know when I sent a poem (my usual sort not like the above) to a publishing house she said a lot of people submit her prose pieces labeled as poetry. I had sent her an actual poem and she told me that was really very rare which made me wonder

  4. The picture you’ve chosen compliments the poetry beautiful, and I love the short sharp burst that goes along with each poem. I also understand what you mean about not really knowing if something is poetry or prose. I’ve written pieces intended as prose and then been compliment for my poetry. As long as the quality of the writing is good, which this is superb, I suggest leaving the distinction to the reader for the most part.

  5. As usual, you philosopher, you hit a salient point on each of them! I could relate to the THOUGHT in each and I think the simpler FORM and words just emphasized what you were saying. Some of the best poems in the world (Basho haiku) are the simplest.

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