Kylli Sparre

My eyes ride deeper

Into their sockets

An exodus from the mundane?

Or an inclination toward delirium?

My brain transposes in crayon

I’ve never once visited

The Prime Material Plane

They say it’s inhabited

By the shells of my ancestors


Is it okay to remain “not quite”?

Not quite there

Not quite human

Not quite right

Not quite good enough


I peel the caramelized edges

From your smile

There are moments

When life is indigestibly sweet

And moments when every fruit proffered

Is naught but seeds and rind.

In defeat there is always the chance

For existential growth

If a bottom

Than a sky, silver-lined


I’ve a complicated relationship with society

When I was young and in school

My teachers complimented my wisdom

People often ask me how to live

(I’ve given a lot of unusable advice)

How the the hell should I know?

Technically I’m crazy


The Prime Material Plane is the one we live in

I don’t find it strange that people confide in me but that they seek my counsel is rather strange considering 😛 I think it goes to show we all have influence.


29 thoughts on “Caramel

  1. In defeat there is always the chance

    For existential growth

    If a bottom

    Than a sky, silver-lined
    I simply love these lines. Amazing poetry my friend. Such deep and beautiful thoughts. Keep well, sending positive vibes your way.

  2. we do all have influence whether we deny it or not…
    cool use of the prime material plane and the shells of your ancestors there.
    not quite…i dont know if we will ever feel good enough, you know.

  3. This took my breath away, how often I have felt like this, displaced in a society where others probably think I’m crazy, especially with my idealism. Your words are so powerful and stir the deepest in a human soul, amazing.

  4. Love that last stanza!! I’ll just say that crazy is as crazy does. My favorite thing about one of my therapists was her habit of saying, “Well, that’s just bat-shit crazy” after I’d recount a particularly interesting episode (and technically, my parents are sane).

  5. Love it ALL! Yves, caramelized smile…wow! but the second stanza found me…I was bobbing my head…oh YES!! Not quite is actually quite alright in my book. “normal” is so overrated and outdated but “not quite” is so so ublime.

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