fantasy-love-imagesFree Wallpaper By: Selly1 of Deviantart

In the hollows of your joined palms I perch

A cage that closes neither on departure nor return

A cage bereft the imposition of an artificial sky.

Your reception lends courage to my singularity

Without you there exists no inclination to song,

No dreams worth the risk of sustained flight

You ignite the angel within my presumed beast


The next few days I will be quite busy birthday parties and of course the fast-approaching increasingly terrifying visit to the Neurologist. I will write but if I am not able to complete a poem to my satisfaction I will reblog one of my lesser viewed poems in the very early days of my blog. I will of course post the prompt on Sunday but if it takes me a little longer to respond please don’t worry I will get there =) I wrote an accompanying piece on Curious Flowers not a poem but a little discussion on love haha