Adrian Borda

Was it a lust for pomegranates

That spirited you away?

Had I been forbidden

Would I now be in possession

Of that evasive fetish, love?

Can we ever own

What we cannot forgive?

Tenderness is pain

So I stand aloof as you pass

Into the arms of a darker man


You left without a presaging aura

Passion and denial do not coincide

We grow only so much

As our respective cocoons accede

And I have become so very small

The void deeper now than my content

I know why you left

I know why I let you

And I know, even though it kills me,

That I’d do it again


I am insular you are free

My limited view of heaven

Could never hold you intact

While you’re with him

Never think of me

I’ve spent my whole life

In games of comparison

Think of me only,

When empty


A fictional poem about a man with deep/paralyzing insecurities. I am listening to some ultra sad love songs. I have writer’s block which I’ve tried to fight with chocolate and sad music not sure that I succeeded. I also wrote a poem for Curious Flowers called Moirai


24 thoughts on “Pomegranate

  1. “Can we ever own

    What we cannot forgive?” -such a powerfull and meaningful question, and it is only a few lines into the poem! The whole reading is a delight, and I know this is a terrible thing to say, but I admire the yields of your writer’s block!

    1. I am not sure if you checked out Birdsong which is a recent one that is not dark. I have a few love poems that are warm and squishy. Let’s see I have had Jump and Meditational Quotes which are more I suppose philosophical. There is Crux, Leap ends on a positive final note, I have Zenith which I think might be a good choice if are feeling low. (hugs) sending you positive vibes

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