Karol Bak Malarstwo

Can we claim humanity

Having been sired in deficit?


As always I arrive unsatisfactorily

Below the meniscus

Of your overturned smile


Why is it that our moods

Occupy the same rotation?

Two parts misery, one part disease

You are ugliest when you sleep

When the succubus slits

The cicatrix of your self-effacing armor


There is a reason

That creation and annihilation

Are synonymous terms

A reason that you occupy

Every exposed aperture

And I every chambered nuance

A reason too cohesive

For our primitive tongues

To articulate


This has nothing to do with the above poem but I was out all day watching a performance by the fire department with Isadora. As an adult and a short one besides I got to stand rigidly strait staring at the back of people’s heads frozen to the bone. My body just hurts from being trapped in the upright mummy position for hours (maybe not hours exactly :-P). After the show she got to look inside fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances and what not. I was standing near the speaker too but she’s happy lol